SQIE Opening Ceremony held on June 19, 2024

Yokohama National University held an opening ceremony for the Semiconductor and Quantum Integrated Electronics Research Center (SQIE Research Center) on June 19, 2024. The SQIE Research Center was established in April 2024 as a research center to accelerate academic research and social implementation of new technologies related to semiconductors and quantum integrated electronics, with the aim of strengthening research capabilities in the semiconductor “post-processing” and contributing to the establishment of sustainability of the semiconductor industry in Japan.

Comments from Prof. Seiji MANABE, SQIR direcor

” The research center consists of five laboratories: Semiconductor Hetero-Integration Lab, Advanced Integrated Devices Lab, Quantum Internet Lab, Photonics Lab, and Social Value Innovation Lab. We focus on the research and development of advanced devices such as quantum devices, and realize them in the form of hetero-integration using advanced semiconductor post-processing technologies. The center will be located in Yokohama, where there is a concentration of semiconductor industries, and will serve as a base for the creation and industrialization of new technology fields that are becoming increasingly multifunctional. In particular, we will promote the development of technologies for semiconductor post-processing, as typified by three-dimensionally stacked chiplets, with the aim of achieving the following ripple effects. “
Ripple effects on Japan as a whole:
Strengthening of research capabilities, technological innovation, and creation of new industries

・Regional ripple effects:

Formation of a Japanese version of IMEC (Interuniversity Micro-Electronics Centre) centered on the pilot line, and establishment of a semiconductor R&D cluster

・Global ripple effects:

Networking with research institutions around the world, disseminating research results globally, and enhancing Japan’s presence in the world-wide through these activities

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